Thursday, 28 August 2008

E-mail for support

We have recently sent out an email asking people to back our campaign to Save Our Star. Some of the messages we received you can read in the last blog post. However, the email also got some attention on Below is the headline and first paragraph of the Hold The Front Page article. For the full story please follow the link at the bottom of the story.

E-mail call for support from Sheffield journalists in job cuts protest

Journalists at Sheffield Newspapers are mobilising colleagues around the country through an e-mail campaign to rustle up support in a protest against proposed job cuts.
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Messages of support

Below are a few of the messages we have received in the last few days:

"I am shocked to hear of these redundancies and seriously worried for the future of the Star and all who work for this vital local newspaper. I am aware that the workforce has already been cut to the quick and that you have been working under enormous pressure and unable to cover stories in the way you would wish.

"You certainly have my support in your battle to Save Our Star."
Cllr Jillian Creasy
Green Party

"The Star must not be decimated as it provides a valuable source of information and enjoyment for the people of Sheffield and especially councillors. When I want to know what my councillor colleagues have been doing, I read the Star.

"Many immobile residents look forward to The Star popping through their letter box - I know my elderly Dad does - and it provides them with enjoyment and entertainment within their own home."
Councillor Denise Reaney
Gleadless Valley Ward

"The management should understand that cutting staff means a cut in reporting and ultimately a cut in readership."
Fergal MacErlean
Freelance journalist

"I was shocked to read that the Star is facing cuts, and that the Rotherham and Barnsley offices might close. Does this mean the end of a venerable career for the legendary Ray Parkin, the man who taught me everything I ever needed to know about reporting during my sojourn at the Rotherham office in 1979-8?

"Those district offices were wonderful - wonderful for the dedication of people like Ray who've spent a lifetime serving the communities they've lived in, and wonderful as training for green young reporters like me who got a thorough grounding in the practice of journalism from immensely experienced hands like Ray and Bill Auckland.

"I hope the offices can be saved, the the folk from Rotherham and Barnsley will go on enjoying great news coverage from a a great newspaper."
James Roberson

Nottingham NG2 4UU
(Rotherham and Sheffield Star 1979-81)

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Hold the Front Page Articles

Another couple of article about Johnston Press and cutbacks, this time on

Publisher facing group-wide action over job cuts

"The National Union of Journalists has today announced a company-wide campaign of action against Johnston Press over its proposed cutbacks at a series of regional centres.

As previously reported on HoldtheFrontPage, the company is currently consulting staff over planned job cuts in Sheffield, Northampton and Scotland."

To read the full article please log on to:

Business chief joins attack over Scottish cutbacks

"Regional publisher Johnston Press is coming under fire from both sides of industry over its plans to axe a weekly title in Scotland.

As reported on HoldtheFrontPage last week, the company is facing group-wide action from the National Union of Journalists over its proposed cutbacks across a series of regional centres."

To read the full article please log on to:

How Do article

There was an article on titled "NUJ discusses industrial action at Johnston Press".

"All National Union of Journalist members working at Johnston titles throughout the country are to be consulted about potential industrial action following cuts and planned job losses by the publisher."

To read the full article log on to:

Message of Support from Blackpool

Here's a message of support we got from Blackpool:

As a senior journalist of long standing in local newspapers who knows just how vital such coverage is to its community - in informing, educating, entertaining .. and also campaigning when all others, councillors, MPs and employers fail .. I deplore the job losses and cutbacks at the Sheffield Star.

Ultimately these will prove false economy for employers, shareholders and Sheffield - which, like the rest of us, has weathered far worse economic storms and needs a newspaper to fight its corner and trumpet its triumphs.

Newspapers, whether inprint or online, are being destabilised by centralisation and other policies, whether non replacement of staff, or outright redundancy, with the burden borne reaching critical point for readers, staff, and shareholders.

The Sheffield Star is a quality newspaper. Reinvest, reinvent, don't just rip it apart.

Save a newspaper which has saved so much for so many.

Jacqueline Morley


Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Petition: Save Our Star

We have now started a petition to Save Our Star on

"We the undersigned recognise the vital role of The Star in serving the South Yorkshire community and promoting local democracy. Since 1887 The Star has been reporting on events of local and national importance including the Miners Strike, The Hillsborough Disaster and the Floods of 2007.

"We are concerned to hear of the proposed job cuts and feel they threaten the ability of the remaining staff to continue to perform this important job. We also protest at the closure of district offices in Barnsley and Rotherham and fear for the future of Doncaster office, which is "under review".

"To this end we pledge our support to the Save Our Star campaign and urge Johnston Press management to reconsider their position on redundancies and any future editorial cuts at the newspaper.

To sign the petition please go to: Save Our Star