Saturday, 23 August 2008

Message of Support from Blackpool

Here's a message of support we got from Blackpool:

As a senior journalist of long standing in local newspapers who knows just how vital such coverage is to its community - in informing, educating, entertaining .. and also campaigning when all others, councillors, MPs and employers fail .. I deplore the job losses and cutbacks at the Sheffield Star.

Ultimately these will prove false economy for employers, shareholders and Sheffield - which, like the rest of us, has weathered far worse economic storms and needs a newspaper to fight its corner and trumpet its triumphs.

Newspapers, whether inprint or online, are being destabilised by centralisation and other policies, whether non replacement of staff, or outright redundancy, with the burden borne reaching critical point for readers, staff, and shareholders.

The Sheffield Star is a quality newspaper. Reinvest, reinvent, don't just rip it apart.

Save a newspaper which has saved so much for so many.

Jacqueline Morley


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